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Here are some great reviews from our clients!

A client of WSP advised that they were having issues getting staff to read the user guides for their new AV systems. WSP advised the client to seek the services of Technication after showing them some of the demo videos that Technication had made available. The client loved the solution as it provided an easy solution to the acceptance of technology, and increase the use of their meeting spaces.

WSP also required an independent audio expert to review issues with an installation so there was independence from designer and installer. Matt Vance’s exceptional understanding of audio system design, electro-acoustics and audio-testing provided the project with an independent report and assisted in rectifying the problem.

Roneel Singh - Associate Director , WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff

What an amazing team to work with.  Matt was great at making my training videos come to light in a really quick and efficient manner.  I only had a small idea about what I wanted and Matt was able to put it exactly what I wanted into a small training video for me.  Filming was quick and easy and the production came through really quickly as well.  I plan on doing more training videos with him and his team in the future. Thanks Guys!

Tara Ryan, JB Hi-Fi Group

Fredon Technology delivered a corporate integrated audio visual project, for Domain Real-estate in City Road South Melbourne, in late 2015. Systems included combined meeting, training and presentation systems with video conferencing functionality.

Fredon identified that the client embraced the latest technologies into their business and that providing video style training tools on the operation of the AV systems, over traditional printed literature, would provide a better outcome.

With only a limited budget, Fredon partnered the Technication team to provide their training video production services. Technication made a cleaver assessment on the most effective way the videos could be delivered in an efficient manner by producing the clips on a functionality basis, rather than whole-of-room based videos. For example, one clip the covers “how do I place a video conference call?”. This proved to be a great success and the users can identify the area they which to be informed on, without having to watch a long clip on all of the features on the system.

The video training material was well received by the client, Av consultant and Fredon and has been a great success.

Graeme Overal - General Manager, Fredon Technology

We engaged Technication to deliver tailored training to our employees who had relocated to a new office with new meeting room technology. Matt and the team were an integral part to ensuring our employees transitioned smoothly to a new way of working.

Although Matt and the Technication team understood the detailed technical functionality of our equipment their greatest contribution was providing user friendly training adaptable to specific employee education levels.

Dealing with Technication from original briefing through to training days was easy, professional and stress-free. Thanks to the Technication team our employees have a fantastic understanding of how to use all the new technology in our office.

Bridget Ferris - Property Projects Manager, Jemena

With Technication’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience, they have assisted Deakin in providing optimal, high quality audio tuned teaching/meeting spaces – further enhancing Deakin University as a leader in course delivery and overall student learning experiences.

Technication has individually fine-tuned over 80 Video conference/echo360 enhanced teaching meeting spaces across multiple campuses.

Always with a positive attitude and attention to detail, Matt is a pleasure to work with and a recommended partner of Deakin University eSolutions.

Mark Lomas - AV Project Coordinator, Deakin University

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