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Matt Vance
Matt VancePartner
Whether at home, amongst friends or at work, I’ve always been the person called upon to fix technical problems. I just like understanding how things work, which led me to degrees in physics and electronic engineering.

As a fresh graduate, I combined my love of music and physics to work as an acoustic consulting engineer, before taking up a position as a technical trainer for an audio equipment distributor.

As part of Technication, my aim is to fix your technical problems through training; helping you to better understand the technology you use each day.

Matt Davies
Matt DaviesPartner
For as long as I can remember I’ve been playing with electronics, cameras and audio equipment.

After studying electronic engineering at university I worked in the British television industry for 15 years as a broadcast engineer and cameraman, which included training new camera operators and editors. I followed this with a technical sales role at an audio visual equipment distributor in Melbourne, which gave me a good insight into the Australian AV industry.

In Technication I’m able to combine my skills and expertise to help you overcome the technical skills gap in your organisation.